A messy war room as it relates to discipline

I was reading Implementing Lean Software Development and stumbled upon this passage that rang true for me:

When we walk into a team room, we get an immediate feel for the level of discipline just by looking around. If the room is messy, the team is probably careless, and if the team is careless, you can be sure that the code base is messy. In an organization that goes fast, people know where to find what they need immediately because there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Leftover soda cans, papers, lunch remains and personal effects don’t in and of themselves cause problems. But they are most likely reflective of and a symptom of — a smell, as it were — of a lack of discipline. The question that I debated with a colleague: Can simply cleaning up and organizing a work area infuse the team with discipline?

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