Back from Agile and Beyond

I enjoyed learning and presenting at the recent Agile and Beyond conference in Dearborn, Michigan. Among the highlights:

  • Mary Poppendieck, the morning keynote speaker, is always interesting, and I liked hearing what she had to say about the five challenges for the future (in particular her concern with involving design).
  • Although I had played the Get Kanban! game at the Asynchrony office, I appreciated the opportunity to play it under Janice Linden-Reed’s supervision and instruction and with other people from various levels of agile experience and practice.
  • I always love hearing feedback from the people who attend my presentations, and I enjoyed the candid conversations from people interested in whole-team approach. Very energizing.
  • I had the chance to meet up with some colleagues from the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools group (Aimmee Keener and Patrick Wilson-Welsh), and it was a treat to hang out with them and the other people who helped sponsor the conference.

I have uploaded an updated version of my talk on whole-team approach for anyone who is interested.

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