Pair like an Egyptian

[I posted about my pairamid on the Asynchrony community blog a few years ago but realized that I hadn’t posted it here, so here’s a reprint.]

A few teams at Asynchrony have used pairing charts as a mechanism to help us pair and change pairs frequently so that we gain the benefits of sharing knowledge, widening our understanding of the code, etc. Here’s an example of something I call the “pairamid” (pun intended):
In this particular pairing chart, we put a tally for each pairing session, color-coded by day of the week. It serves as a gentle reminder in our war room that we shouldn’t let one of the squares have too many more tallies than any other and that person x should try pairing with person y (which we obviously weren’t doing very well that iteration!).
2011 Update: Ben Lee actually came up with a simpler, more elegant way of writing people’s names. You merely put them at the bottom. Here’s an example:

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