User-story narrative… for meeting invitations?

A client that I’m working with who is helping her team become more agile had just finished writing some user stories. She moved on to her next task, which was to create a meeting invitation for the team’s first pre-iteration-planning meeting. In her invitation email, she wrote simply:

As scrum master, I want to discuss what we are ready to build in iteration 1, so that our 1pm meeting can be focused on those stories.

I’m sure it was no coincidence that her work with the narratives in the stories informed her invitation text! In doing so, she unwittingly came upon what might be another useful application of the durable user-story narrative structure (as a… I want … so that…). After all, meeting invitations should have a clear beneficiary (in this case, she might’ve written “team” rather than “scrum master,” but that’s a bit picky), the agenda for the meeting (the fewer items the better) and a purpose (or, as we would say in user stories, value). No meeting should require anything more. Except, of course, conversation. Just like a user story.

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