My Favorite Pairing Partners

I’ve been reflecting on the many things for which I’m thankful, and, of course, that includes many people. I wouldn’t be where I am today — nor have enjoyed life nearly as much — without the numerous people who have paired with me, whether it’s been via software development, trainings, coaching, role-sharing, conference talks, etc. So here’s a gratitude in photo-gallery form — thank you to all of you (and many more not shown) who have taught, listened to, borne with, encouraged, supported, shared with, challenged, laughed with and otherwise made amazing memories with me. You have made me a better person, so thank you.

  • Torsten Leibrich (ThoughtWorks), Manchester, UK
  • Xavier Paz (ThoughtWorks), Santiago, Chile
  • Yasir Ali (Asynchrony), Los Angeles
  • Ryan Stephenson (Asynchrony), London
  • Luca Minudel (ThoughtWorks), London
  • Paul Ellarby (ThoughtWorks), Kansas City
  • Umar Akhtar (ThoughtWorks), Bonn, Germany
  • Ryan Boucher (ThoughtWorks), Cebu, Philippines
  • Anette Bergo (ThoughtWorks), Cebu, Philippines (with "Mitch," Krystle and Marlon)
  • Michael Fait (ThoughtWorks), Crawley, England
  • Vipul Garg, Bonna Choi, Kris Gonzalez, Saleem Siddiqui (ThoughtWorks), Seoul, South Korea
  • Malcolm Beaton (ThoughtWorks), Venlo, Netherlands
  • Cliff Morehead (ThoughtWorks), Seattle
  • Greg Jesensky (ThoughtWorks), Bangalore, India
  • John Yorke (Asynchrony), St. Louis
  • Patti Mandarino (ThoughtWorks), Chicago
  • Dimitrios Dimitrelos (Accenture), Athens
  • Karl Scotland, Paris
  • Jason Tice (Asynchrony), St. Louis
  • Lisa Smith, Denver
  • Roger Turnau (Accenture) and John Pinkerton, Kansas City
  • José Rosario, Prakriti Singh, Duda Dornelles, Esther Butcher, Michael Fait, Mridula Jayaraman, Mia Zhu, Péter Petrovics, Nishitha Ningegowda, Nelice Heck (ThoughtWorks University), Bangalore, India
  • Chris Turner (ThoughtWorks), Miami (and client friends)
  • Jim Daues, Matt Carlson, Jason Tice, Anthony Bruno, Lean Kanban St. Louis meetup organizers
  • David Kershaw (ThoughtWorks), Los Angeles
  • Hubert Shin (Samsung), Chicago-Seoul
  • Alexander Steinhart (ThoughtWorks), Berlin
  • Daniela Mora Herrera, Paola Ocampo, Susana Opazo (ThoughtWorks), Santiago, Chile
  • Xavier Paz, Mila Orrico, Andrea Escobar, Luciene Mello (ThoughtWorks), Santiago, Chile
  • Jeffrey Davidson (ThoughtWorks)

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