Project-to-Product Principles

I’ve increasingly been helping organizations looking to go from “projects to product,” so I’ve curated/co-created/stolen a few principles for anyone who wants a tl;dr version of how to go about it. I’m indebted to the work of Jez Humble, Marty Cagan, Matt Lane and John Cutler.

In moving toward product-orientation, we prefer:

  • Outcomes over outputs
  • Solving problems over building solutions
  • Options over requirements
  • Experiments over backlogs
  • Hypotheses over features
  • Customer-validated learning over PO assumptions
  • Measure value over measure cost
  • Flow over utilization
  • Optionality over linearity
  • Product vision, strategy, personas and principles over product roadmaps
  • Small-batch delivery over big-batch delivery
  • Optimizing for assumptions being wrong over optimizing for assumptions being right
  • Engineers solving problems over POs dictating requirements
  • Teams of missionaries over teams of mercenaries
  • Business-driven over IT- or PMO-driven

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