Generative Scaling Game

The Generative Scaling Game is an in-person game (actually more of a simulation) to help participants understand generative scaling practices ( It is intended to be facilitated for 90 minutes but can be adapted as needed. The simulation itself can be scaled, though you may experience Principle 8! The main part of the session is gameplay, with the last 30 minutes intended as debrief time. The simulation uses the assembly of children’s puzzles as its game mechanic and starts as many dysfunctional “scaled” environments do: as a project that is unnecessarily large and unintentionally complex,  with artificially aggregated product concerns. After letting the teams make some initial efforts at working in this system, the facilitator resets the simulation by introducing generative principles. After a few rounds of gameplay applying the generative principles, the facilitator can begin the debrief.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Alternatives to push-based, deterministic models of planning
  • How to coordinate across multiple levels of initiatives and upstream and downstream workflows
  • How to incrementally disaggregate unrelated product concerns
  • How to accommodate various delivery approaches (e.g., Scrum, flow-based) without requiring them to standardize to one approach

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