Productivity Hacks

AKA Practices and disciplines for self-management. All of these are focused on the idea of maximizing productivity by being aware of my human limitations, weaknesses and proclivities and the pull of the work culture that most of us inhabit.

Ways of Working

  • Save administrivia for the afternoon
  • Focus and Deep Work
    • Pomodoro Technique
    • One browser tab
    • Turn off Slack/Teams, check it only at certain times
  • Fika
  • Self-Management Practices, Part 1: Email Control
    • Turn off email throughout the day
    • Check it only three times/day
  • Self-Management Practices, Part 2: Information Intake
  • Personal Kanban
    • Plan using cost-of-delay archetypes
    • Make work visible
    • Limit WIP
  • Physical health
    • Standing Workdesk (stand at least part of the day)
    • Go outside
    • Make and keep lunch time
    • At least five minutes between meetings; leave if necessary

Daily Habits

  • Reflection/journal
  • Gratitude
  • Prayer
  • Plan for the day
  • Dedicated time for learning
  • Commute time (physical or virtual)

Work Environment

  • Physical whiteboard nearby
  • Standing desk
  • Physical notebook (Field Notes)
  • Sharpie and Post-it notes