Talks and Workshops

You can find most of my presentations at Slideshare and a few videos at InfoQ. Please contact me for more information.


  • No (lab) jacket required: designing experiments for learning:
    Hypothesis-Driven Development is thinking about the development of new ideas, products and services – even organizational change – as a series of experiments to determine whether an expected outcome will be achieved, so we need to know how to design and run experiments properly. This session helps participants understand the importance of using experiments to help teams and organizations learn and improve, while giving hands-on practice in designing experiments to yield measurable evidence for that learning.
  • The Agile Leadership Team:
    Klaus Leopold states that if you have only one agile team in your organization, it should be the leadership team. But how do we do that? Agile methods are familiar to many software-delivery teams but less so to those in leadership. This talk draws on multiple experiences from a leader’s perspective in helping leadership teams become more effective by living by the same values, principles and practices that have made many software-delivery teams successful.
  • Culture Add Over Culture Fit
  • Leadership at Every Level: Practices for Aligned Autonomy:
    What does it mean to have leadership at every level of an organization? How do you create aligned autonomy in your team or organization? This talk connects the philosophy of intent-based leadership with practices that enable you to realize the benefits of aligned autonomy, regardless of where your name is in your org chart. By discovering virtual safety nets and vision balloons, you’ll learn how to pragmatically establish safety and alignment of purpose, two of the core traits of high-performing teams.
  • No Estimates: Forecasting with Less Effort and More Accuracy
  • The Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop
  • Thriving (Not Merely Surviving) the First Year: Redesigning the Onboarding Experience for Capability
  • Flow From Blockers: How to Use Blocker Clustering to Improve Predictability
  • Getting Fit(ness Criteria)
  • The Kanban Iceberg: How do you help teams for whom Kanban is simply card walls?
  • Coach like a wizard: Agile wisdom of Gandalf
  • Continuous Play: The Future of Agile
  • De-Risky Business: Techniques for Mitigating and Managing Risk
  • Play soccer, not football: How to foster a whole-team approach by thinking in activities rather than roles
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Agile QA 2.0


  • NoEstimates: Forecasting with Less Effort and More Accuracy:
    “When will it be done?” That’s a question everyone and every team has to answer. This boardgame-based workshop introduces the concepts that underly the NoEstimates movement and new options for answering that old question by helping participants understand what and to what degree different factors influence delivery time. Join this session to learn how create a data-based probabilistic forecast that provides a more reliable way to talk about when stuff will be done—and expend less effort to do so.
  • Digital Leadership
  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Lean Management

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