Team Agreements/Values with Lego

Paul Wynia has an amazing workshop on building team agreements with Lego. Paul tells me that he had once documented it but can’t find it. So I’ll attempt to document it here as far as I remember it.

Facilitator Notes

  1. Invite everyone to build a duck (using the prefab Lego duck packets) or some other simple animal with each person having the same set of pieces. Invite everyone to observe how each person’s duck is different! This gets people comfortable playing with Lego (especially n00bs) and expressing himself or herself.
  2. Invite everyone to build a person and a house out of the common Lego pile at his or her table (not using minifigs!). Assertively timebox this. Note that the spirit of play means that the creator gets to decide what each thing is. Just like when we were kids!
  3. Invite everyone to build a structure that represents a team value that is important to him or her. Then write a notecard with that value and place it in front of the structure. If you finish one, try building another, and another…
  4. Invite the table groups to share their value structures with each other and even take photos.
  5. Invite table groups to their easels/posters and have them write their values on the easel paper. Then invite them to brainstorm together ways that they would “show” that value (e.g., value=respect, show=listen during meetings and not be checking email on laptops/phones).


Sources and Resources