Bob Cassilly, rest in peace

When I met Bob Cassilly, I felt compelled to thank him — thank him for what he represented, what he did, how he cut against the grain of conventional, safe, sanitized, risk-averse, uncreative society and achieved his vision for a place where people could enjoy the unique fruit of the human mind and productive energy. Now that he has died, St. Louis — and the country — has lost a man dedicated to making his dream a reality and standing in the face of a cowardly, cowering world to do it.

The way in which he evidently died — at the wheel of a bulldozer creating Cementland, his latest idea for people to enjoy — illustrates an increasingly rare picture of a man who spent his life working, creating, building — the very antithesis of a world that consumes but does not produce, demands reparations and makes excuses, waits with its hand out and laments the hard work, creativity and success of others. While so many live trying to take from others, Mr. Cassilly died pursuing a dream, in the quest of achieving a vision, an honorable, if tragic, death.

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